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Entry Level Developer

NetBet is seeking for a passionate developer whom is eager to progress, pragmatic and a quick learner to join our products team. As a member of the product team, you will handle advanced technologies and exciting architecture of Micro-Services for building the next generation of the company’s’ products.


You have a reasonable understanding of core engineering concepts and are focused on expanding that understanding and growing as an engineer. You have a basic understanding of the team’s tools and processes and a broad introduction to engineering best practices and productivity skills. You have an appreciation and understanding of software engineering techniques like testing, source control and agile planning and are focused on learning more about these domains.


You’re capable of taking small well-scoped components of larger features and completing these tasks within a reasonable time frame, with the mentoring and assistance of more experienced engineers and team lead.
You work with more experienced members of the team to ensure that you’re making steady progress on your tasks. You are expected to get help when you’re blocked from more experienced members.
You’re focused on learning about the team domains and understand their roll in the system architecture.
You improve your engineering principles, SOLID principles, tools, technologies and practices.
You learn and adopt to the department culture.
As you grow as L1, you are more capable to own your independent small features all the way through from low level design to launch with proper code review and pull requests.

Example skills and behaviors

  • Demonstrates solid understanding of programming foundations – e.g.: basic data structures, classes, references, debugger usage
  • Comfortable tracing through execution of calls between server and client
  • Writes code in a style consistent with the codebase, creates tests for their work
  • Builds small features and contributes bug fixes in a reasonable time frame
  • Tests code locally and in production; code is only considered shipped when it’s been monitored in production
  • Actively contributes in team meetings
  • Creates pull requests that clearly articulate why the change is being made, and what impact it will have
  • Addresses pull request feedback before merging PRs
  • Finds the right balance between persevering on a problem and asking for help
  • Participates in team events
  • Takes responsibility for their personal development, has a growth mindset


  • Communicative, passionate, pragmatic, learner, team player.
  • 3 to 12 months’ experience as developer.
  • Understand OOP.
  • Good knowledge & experience in .NET environment
  • Good English.
  • B.S in Computer Science or equivalent


  • Hands on experience with one or more client libraries / frameworks (e.g. react, angular, Vue).
  • Unit Tests.
  • SOLID principles
Please attach a readable file such as Word or PDF.

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