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Web Developer

NetBet is seeking a passionate full stack developer who is pragmatic, eager to progress their skill set, and a quick learner, to join our products team. As a member of the products team, you will handle advanced technologies and exciting architecture of Micro-Services for building the next generation of the company’s products.

You display a solid understanding of core software concepts such as code that performs at scale, resiliency, caching, databases, SOLID, consideration for web development and more.
You are growing as a developer, learning the team’s tools and current processes, and developing productivity skills.
You understand our infrastructure and how you can use it to leverage your requirements.
You also have a strong background in engineering best-practices like testing, source control, and agile planning and estimations.
You keep understanding the team’s domains and responsibilities.
You aim to increase your capacity and improve yourself as a technical contributor.


You’re capable of taking a PBI and completing all its tasks in a reasonable time frame. You should be constantly making steady progress on tasks assigned to you and know when to ask for help when you’re blocked.
You’ll own your independent medium-large features all the way through from low level design to launch with proper code review and pull requests.
You will perform end-to-end tasks, which include planning, developing, testing, releasing, monitoring, and fixing.
You’re learning the art of Microservices for the backend and micro-frontend for the frontend.
You’ll keep on sharing the company values and gain more responsibilities and trust.


  • Communicative, passionate, pragmatic, learner, team player
  • 2 years’ experience as SW developer (not as internship)
  • Writing good OOP and SOLID code
  • Good knowledge & experience in .NET environment
  • Good knowledge & experience in web development.
  • Experience in one or more client libraries / frameworks (e.g. react, angular, Vue)
  • Good English


  • Microservices
  • Unit Tests
  • RabbitMQ
  • Experience with CI, CD pipelines
  • Experience with Event sourcing systems
  • Experience in high Scale systems
  • Docker, Kubernetes
Please attach a readable file such as Word or PDF.

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