Net-Bet’s Core

Creating company culture by building on what makes us great

Why Net Bet?

Net-Bet is at the cutting edge of lottery gaming technologies. We employ a global approach to research and product development, lottery gaming platform management, content creation, and related strategical services. Our core values of innovation and a dedication to improving the user interface of our products are the driving forces behind our success.


We foster professional growth and promote leadership both within our teams and within our industry. We love to cultivate home-grown talent, and we lean on, push the limits of, and further our teams’ resources and expertise to realize our aspirations to be exceptional.


Our goal is to develop new products that will serve as the standard for the ultimate end-user lottery experience. We are constantly innovating and furthering the development of existing products to stay one step ahead of the rapidly evolving online lottery industry.


We are committed to earning customers’ trust by banishing fine print from our websites and providing an experience of honest, online fun. We are on-the-dot precise, up-to-the minute accurate and a standard of accountability for lottery fans from around the globe.


We flourish in the fast-pace of business online and seek the latest, hottest and trending events, topics and developments in our industry that will challenge our company to grow. Adaptation is part of the job description, and it’s the dynamism of the online world that makes our work rewarding!


Our job is to deliver entertainment to gaming consumers around the world, and we leave our stamp of fun on everything we do — from the features we develop and the content we create, to the marketing materials infused with our product’s playful spirit.

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